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Specification:Privileges, advantages, and eminent greatness almighty has given a Thousand Verses Dinar own place in the hearts of Muslims. The layman who is not accustomed to examine the Thousand Verses of the Qur' an considers Dinar as a verse that is easy to understand and practiced, while the students assess this verse as something interesting to study further. On the other hand, the intellectuals see Section thousand dinars as a verse that challenges to eminent explored in depth in order to find a great blessing behind a series of amazing text.

From the results of a comprehensive study and observation coupled with the testimony of the verse pengamal thousand dinars that we have received, it can be concluded that the Practice thousand dinars have benefits or benefits as follows:

1. Getting abundant sustenance

Abundance provision in question here is not only the abundance of sustenance in the form of financial adequacy alone, but the full meaning of the provision in a broader sense. Because the truth is all the sustenance that Allah Almighty to His servants, including science, life and health. Thus you will acquire lawful wealth, useful knowledge, a longer life expectancy and physical health that allows you to better enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life.

2. Getting way out of any problem

Inevitably, everyone will continue to deal with the problem as long as he is alive in the world. Whether it' s a trivial issue or concern that is likely to be difficult to solve. The complexity of the problem and the ability to solve problems also differ from one person to another. Often, when faced with a problem we are into dark eyes and not think twice. They twisted debt suddenly escaped while they were gutted suddenly found hanged.

With practice Dinar Thousand Verses, God willing you will be given instructions and ease in resolving any issues that you face. There will always be a way out and a solution that makes sense as long as you are confident and willing to submit to Allah SWT. Believe that there is no single problem in this world that can not be resolved and behind every problem there is always a great wisdom that you can gain from it.

3. Protected from disaster

Accidents are something we want, but we can not prevent the occurrence. Allah Almighty created the calamity as a test of faith in man, remember that the higher one' s faith will be more severe test must also be passed by the people. So do not ever feel sank when we did something great, because it means that we are included in the group of people who believe high.

God willing, as long as you are willing to put their trust and the Thousand Verses Dinar istiqomah practice, you will be protected or shielded from any disaster given by God to the test. Surviving a natural disaster or human tragedy is not impossible if God is still attached to bless the lives of His body.

4. Terkabulnya desire

Each person must have a desire or goal to be achieved, whether it' s in the realm of romance, career or home. If at this time you feel your good wishes are still difficult to achieve, do your inner efforts by practicing Clause Thousand Dinar. Permission of God, whatever you wish will come true as long as the well-intentioned desire and do not harm anyone.

5. Serves as pelaris

Is true if someone says that verse thousand dinar is suitable deeds practiced by the traders or persons engaged in the world buying and selling. Because as stated in Surah Ath Thalaaq paragraph 3, that Allah will provide sustenance from sources unexpected to those who fear Allah. God willing your business will be protected from loss, revenue will increase many times over and your customers will increase. With one condition, you should not be cheated in trade and sell only halal goods and useful, not alcohol or other illicit items. Pelaris function is the reason why many stores or places of business to display text on the wall clause thousand dinars or their door. And the right way to benefit pelarisan is to do righteous deeds, not just displaying the writing on the wall without the understanding and practice what is contained in the verse.

6. Recovery

With regard to benefits as generous sustenance, Thousand Dinar Practices useful to cure various diseases, both medical illnesses and non-medical illnesses. Because in fact also includes the provision of health or a gift from God. Witchcraft, witchcraft, pellets, witchcraft and other supernatural attacks can also be neutralized by reading Practice thousand dinars in a certain way.

7. Get legal justice / escape tyranny ruler

When there is a conflict of interest between an ordinary man and a stakeholder power, often those in power tend to abuse of authority for personal gain. Not infrequently, these vested interests are not aligned with the interests of others, so that the parties bersangkutanpun be harmed. Didzalimi, so to speak. Not to mention if tyranny is happening until it is brought up by the law, not pelaklah the ordinary people who will be victims. Though he is not actually at fault.

With practice Dinar Thousand Verses, God willing you are currently involved in the case or didzalimi by the people in power will get justice as fair as possible. If you are innocent, you will be released and your name will be cleaner. If it turns out you did make a mistake, you will be treated fairly and properly.

8. Domestic harmony

A thousand dinars practice is appropriate when practiced as a mental effort to obtain inner and outer happiness in the family. QS. Ath Thalaaq which literally means the divorce is the true head of household life. Whether it is a divorce is going to happen or refer it back to continue the conjugal ties. Establishing and maintaining a marriage is not easy, especially if the marriage has been born of the children whose interests must also be considered. With practice Dinar Thousand Verses, God willing your household will be blessed harmony and harmony among family members. That' s why the practice is very suitable for those whose families are often noisy or are experiencing contention.

9. Facilitated in all the hunger

Paragraph thousand dinars efficacious suit you in all the hunger / affairs. Amalkanlah with full istiqomah, will any of the current affairs a priority you will be made easier by the way of Allah.

The benefits obtained from the Thousand Dinar Practices may differ pengamal pengamal with others. Because each individual has a level of diligence and seriousness are not the same, so it is impossible that the results obtained will be exactly the same for everyone. Not covered is also the possibility that you will get a lot more other benefits, beyond what we can mention here. All of it depends on the faith and in the practice Practice your ketawakalan Thousand Dinar, because of two things is the essence of all good deeds Thousand Verses Dinar.

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